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Lark Player

Product Design / Design System / Visual Identity

Full Project

Lark Player

Product Design / Design System / Visual Identity

Full Project

Su Pin

Service Design / Product Design / User Research

Full Project

Snaptube Creator

Visual Identity / User Interface

Full Project


I am Pinyi, a full-stack designer with excellent ability in service design, product design, visual identity, and front-end development.

I am passionate about design, advocating geek spirit, thinking with metacognition, and always seeking the essence of problems.

I pursue a calm, elegant and detailed design. I believe that great design is not only to simply solve the immediate problems, but also to explore future possibilities.


Product Designer


Product designer of Lark Player. Establishing the design system, design the user interface of Android version, iOS version, and the official website. Participated in several brand identify projects. brought agile and service design methodology into the organization.

March 2020 — Present

July 2018 — December 2018 (5 Months for Internship)

Shenzhen, China

Full-Stack Designer


Cases received include web design, digital product design and front-end development.

January 2019 — March 2020 (1 Year 3 Months)

Taichung, Taiwan

Visual Design Intern


Participated in the design project of Tencent AI Lab and two brand identity design projects. Organized two design thinking workshops in the organization.

July 2017 – October 2017 (4 Months)

Shenzhen, China



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